Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yes, I'm Still Here...

You may recall me sharing with you that my daughter is graduating high school this year and I'm using the prom dress I'm making for her as my submission in the "Frankenpattern" online Facebook challenge.  You may also recall that she wants the dress's details to remain secret until the big day.  However, I didn't want to wait until then to document the process, so I'm drafting all of my blog posts so I could publish them once I'm given the "okay".

Today, I struggled with getting the bodice muslin to fit because the pattern I'm using calls for jersey-type knits and I'm using a woven instead.  Simply cutting the bodice pieces on the bias did not provide enough stretch, so I had to redesign and reconstruct the bodice pieces.  You know I love her, right?

Anyway, I will share more details very soon.

Be blessed!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Have We Met Before?

I "discovered" In Style magazine about a year ago while in a hospital waiting room and really appreciated it's goal - to simply cover fashion.  Period.  The issue I perused didn't have articles on revving up my sex life, or adding the latest home decorating trend to my living room, or new recipes to encourage my family to ditch eating New York strip steak in favor of tofu, or a perceived overabundance of advertising - just some of the problems I've had with other so-called fashion magazines.  So, I recently started my subscription and have been eagerly waiting for my inaugural issue to arrive in the mail.  While thumbing through and adding page markers with Post-It notes (I dislike folded "dog-ear" pages), look what I found on page 78...

This dress looks so familiar.  Where have I seen this?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What I CAN Tell You Is...

Judging from the many blog posts and Facebook updates, most of you already know it's Prom Season - a fact that has not been lost on me, either.  But, unlike the other prom dresses I've cranked out for my daughter in the past, this time it's for HER prom.  Baby Girl is graduating, and this one must be special.

I would LOOOOOOOVE to tell you what pattern I'm using and the modifications I'm planning in order to make this dress truly "hers".  As it turns out, I've been advised that all dress making plans fall under the realm of "Emanne's intellectual property" and must remain covert until the dress's grand unveiling.  You'd think she was getting ready to walk Oscar's red carpet!!

I have, however, been given permission to show you the fabric choices.  The dress's main body will be made of white crepe and accented with a golden-yellow charmeuse and beaded trim.  I feel it's safe to  mention the dress will be constructed from two different patterns.