Friday, January 22, 2016

Vogue 7630: The Thrill of the Hunt

I recently shared with you that one of my goals is to be more consistent with publishing blog posts.  I really don't like going months without making an entry, but sometimes time is so scarce that I have to put blogging on the back burner for a while.  And although my personal blogging activity may be limited, I am pretty consistent with keeping up with the entries published by bloggers whom I follow.  At last count, I actively follow 82 different blogs, with the lion's share of them being sewing related and managed by some extremely talented and creative women.  Recently, I've noticed many of them trending towards the use of vintage patterns to create their beautiful one-of-a-kind garments.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Snowy Stitching Sunday

Good Day Everyone!

It's been somewhat busy in my home lately, primarily with the return to work after the holidays, and I am almost ashamed to admit that I still need to take down my tree and decorations.  In my defense, I am waiting for family assistance because this is no longer a one-woman job.  So, it almost goes without saying that I've not been working on new sewing projects.  But I shares with you that one of the areas in which I want to be more consistent is my blogging, irrespective of any specific "sewing" projects on which I may be working. So, here goes...

We have quite a nice snow storm going this morning in Southeast Michigan, which always reinforces the desire to hunker down and stay indoors, as demonstrated by my furry sewing buddy.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

I know it's been a minute (okay, 8 weeks) since last we "chatted".  Real-life responsibilities keep us all very busy and we have to make choices about how we spend our precious resource of time.  But please know that I've thought about you all and have been keeping up with and enjoying your various blog posts.

I hope the Christmas season was a merry and enjoyable one for you and your loved ones, and I trust 2016 is finding you doing well.  I so enjoyed sharing the season with my family, and as enjoyable as the time was for me, I am glad it has passed and am looking forward to packing up the decorations and the prospects of the coming year.

Among various others, one of the goals (not resolutions!) I've set for myself is to take my health and physical well-being seriously.  Although I've been flirting with it for the past few years, I was officially diagnosed with diabetes this year and one of the things that can greatly and positively impact this disease is consistent physical activity.  My problem is maintaining the consistency.  In fact, consistency seems to be a challenge in various parts of my life.

So, I gifted myself a treadmill this Christmas and plan to improve this part of my life.  Now, I don't have to endure that early-morning struggle to dress and drive to Planet Fitness just to get 30 minutes on the machine.  No excuses - right?!  With making positive strides in improving my physical well-being, I expect it will impact other areas as well - including my diet.  No more inappropriate mid-day snacks!

I also want to become more consistent with my blogging.  This is my space in the blogosphere, and I can write about anything that interests me, including sewing.  So, I plan to share more about what I'm doing and thinking.  I have lots of projects floating around in my thought process and look forward to seeing them in the natural.

So, I'll be talking with you again - really soon.

Be blessed!


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Patchwork Design Elements - IDK?

The fashion design influences of the 1970s have certainly been making its mark in the ateliers of current design houses.  Everything from wide-leg pants, a-line skirts, gauchos (aka culottes), maxi-dresses, ponchos, peasant-style, etc. can been seen on the runways and in clothing stores.

Stella MCartney, $1,220

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm Almost a Good Wife

You may recall my sharing with you the invisible zipper I sewed in my Good Wife mock-wrap dress exploded and I had to replace it.

While this zipper set-back seriously cut into my "sewjo" and motivation to complete GW, I was able to complete most of its construction.

on the hanger

Monday, October 19, 2015


When last I left you, I said I was going to stitch Good Wife's side seams and test fit it.  Well, I did that and it appeared to fit well.  But, then I go to place it on my mannequin and the zipper starts splitting.

The Good Wife Update

After publishing this post on how much I loved Alicia Florrick's dress, I am finally at the point where I'm constructing my version using Vogue 8305, which is out of print.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Remnant Repository

Am I the only sewing enthusiast who has a difficult time tossing out fabric remnants from completed projects?  I shared with you that I learned how to sew by watching my mother, and how she would use leftover fabric scraps from her clients' garments for other projects, including helping me augment the wardrobe of my Barbie dolls.  So, I recognize holding on to fabric scraps as a learned behavior from Mommy.

I have found storing my scraps to be a challenge, partly due to the amount of space they required, but also because I wasn't always sure of the amount of usable "yardage" I had on hand.

Remnants were once stored at the bottom of my Sewing Room closet in a small plastic bin, which proved to be woefully inadequate capacity.

Fabric scraps would then find a temporary "home" in the storage drawers I used to categorize and store uncut fabric yardages.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Rebirth of a Leopard...

Who else out there enjoys Pinterest?  I could not begin to count the accumulated hours I've spent on this social media site.  But unlike some others, I feel this one to be quite useful in sparking new ideas and sharing best practices.  I've been on Pinterest for maybe 2 years now, and have created 62 virtual bulletin boards with over 1200 pins.  Trust me when I say that is light-weight compared to some other Pinners whose boards I follow.

One of the pins I saved on my Sewing Inspirations - Skirts board is the image below.  Something about the "casual chic" combination of the animal-print skirt, plain white tee and classic denim jacket really caught my attention.

...something about this combination I love.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Dresser Refinish

I shared with you how busy my spring and summer has been due to the amount of travelling I had to do for work.  Well, now that the travel has slowed down, I've been able to devote time to making my sewing space visually appealing.  I finally got all of my pattern boxes decorated, assembled, labeled and filled.  Yes, a couple of them are decorated differently, and the color saturation on others is a little off, but they're all done.  I will revisit the "odd" units at another time.