About Me...

While I have explored and still enjoy many different types of crafts – beaded jewelry, polymer clay, paper crafts, etc. – I am a sewing enthusiast.  I love almost anything remotely connected to sewing – handling fabric, collecting sewing patterns and notions, organizing and reorganizing my sewing room, and seeking out fashion-sewing inspiration.  My favorite activity is creating my version (i.e. “knock-offs” – LOL) of designer fashions for a fraction of the designer label price tag!

I credit my mother with teaching me how to sew.  She was easily the most talented and knowledgeable woman I've ever known.  She could sew anything, cook any dish regardless of cultural origin, had an answer to almost any question you could ask and knew how to stretch a dollar like no one else!!  That last talent is one I'm trying to master myself...baby steps.  She ran a home-based sewing and alterations business for many years, and as a child I would sit in her sewing room with her while she created beautiful garments for female and male clients alike.  With the left-over fabric scraps – and there were lots of them – she would always make time for me as I experimented with needle and thread to make shoulder-strapped tube-shaped dresses for my Barbie dolls – I did not know how to make sleeves yet.  I still remember watching her in wonderment as she proceeded to cut out and assemble a pull-over tunic with long sleeves and shoulder yoke, and accompanying pants for Barbie from left over gold-colored velveteen – and without a pattern, no less!!

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, the day came when I felt I was ready to make my first "real" garment, so I grab some seersucker fabric she had leftover from another project, the easiest elastic-waist skirt pattern I could find, a pair of her scissors and pin cushion and went to my bedroom to cut out my new skirt.  When I reappeared with my cut pattern pieces, I thought for sure she'd be upset because I had not asked for permission to use her fabric and tools.  Instead, she proceeded to give me the assistance I needed to finish my skirt.  And, so my love of sewing was cultivated.

With my mother’s teaching as my foundation, I went to work at So-Fro Fabrics (bought out by JoAnn in the late-90s) for three years, first as a Sales Clerk and then Assistant Manager.  There, I learned additional sewing techniques and tips from interactions with my co-workers and other sewing enthusiasts.  Along with self-study and continued practice with each completed project, I’ve been able to improve my sewing skills over the years.

It is my sincere hope that you find helpful information and inspiration from my blog.  I thank you for stopping by, and I encourage you to leave comments on my blog posts.  I so enjoy hearing from you and reading your thoughts!

Be blessed!



  1. Hello Aisha,

    Do you take custom orders? I would like a custom-order of Vogue V2931 if you are willing. I couldn't find an e-mail link on your blog so I am posting via the comments to see if we can set something up.