Sunday, April 29, 2012

Linen Skirt Finished...FINALLY!!

Good Day Everyone,

So, I admit that I'm not the most dedicated blogger out there.  Of those that I follow, I find myself wondering how the authors are able to publish so many posts and updates and still live a life away from the blogosphere.  I also admit that, while I LOVE sewing, I sometimes find it difficult to nurture this love by working on (and completing) new projects - especially ones intended for me, which often get pushed aside for the sake of completing projects for others.

You may recall a post I published last May that I wanted to make a black linen skirt from Butterick 5966.  I cut the skirt out last year, but as Spring slipped into Summer, and then Fall, I decided to postpone its construction.  Two weeks ago, I started putting in sewing time on my skirt while working on Vickie's muslins, and I'm proud to say I finally completed it!

I love when a garment looks good inside as well as out, so I really focused on the construction details.  For instance, the skirt was designed to be unlined, but I added a lining to make it easier to wear and extend its life.  I also tapered the sides for a more flattering silhouette.  I must admit, it fits me perfectly.

The skirt is hugging Momma's curves!!  No bunching at the waistline.

So, now I have to work on the accompanying top...maybe that will be done by Spring 2013... ;-)

Be blessed!!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mother of the Bride Muslin Test

Hello All,

I know it's been a "minute", but I wanted to give you an update on my March 31st post.  I made the pattern adjustments to Vogue 2607, constructed muslins of the jacket and skirt and was able to test fit them with Vickie today.  I totally zoned out and forgot to take pictures of her wearing the muslins, but - great news - everything fit very well.

Muslin jacket.

Muslin skirt, with front hemline style adjustment.

Other than the style adjustments Vickie requested, I only have to make a minor adjustment to the skirt waist and the jacket's sleeve width.
Skirt waist needs to be taken in about 5/8-inch on either side.

Jacket sleeve needs to be taken in about 1/2-inch.

Making the skirt waistline adjustment will be easy, but I had to put thought into removing the excess sleeve width.  Considering I made an ease adjustment to the sleeve pattern pieces, I think I'm going to use the original Under Sleeve with the adjusted Upper Sleeve.  This should remove the excess fabric without creating problems with fitting the sleeve in the jacket's armhole.

Adjusted sleeve pattern pieces.

So, next steps are to cut the pattern in the brown satin, and get a lining fabric which closely matches the Tiffany-blue accent color.  My thought is to line the jacket and skirt in the accent color, which you'll be able to see behind the skirt's front hemline.  It's gonna be hot!!

:-)  I'll keep you posted.

Be blessed!!