Friday, January 22, 2016

Vogue 7630: The Thrill of the Hunt

I recently shared with you that one of my goals is to be more consistent with publishing blog posts.  I really don't like going months without making an entry, but sometimes time is so scarce that I have to put blogging on the back burner for a while.  And although my personal blogging activity may be limited, I am pretty consistent with keeping up with the entries published by bloggers whom I follow.  At last count, I actively follow 82 different blogs, with the lion's share of them being sewing related and managed by some extremely talented and creative women.  Recently, I've noticed many of them trending towards the use of vintage patterns to create their beautiful one-of-a-kind garments.

One such blogger is Shari Williams of My Daily Threadz.  Once I discovered her blog, I went through and read her past blog posts because I was intrigued by her work and wanted to see more.  This is a dress she made in 2014 using vintage Vogue 7630.

Image source: My Daily Threadz - Nov. 3, 2014
She used this pattern again to make this suede version last year...

Image source: My Daily Threadz - Jan. 27, 2015

...and that's when I became smitten with this pattern.  I've pinned images of it on my Sewing Patterns board on Pinterest and have periodically checked availability and pricing for it online where it ranged anywhere from $35 to $55.  OUCH!!

So, imagine my surprise when I spotted Vogue 7630 included in a group of 15 patterns being sold on eBay.  I wasn't even looking for this pattern specifically; I was just browsing and seeing what was out there.

eBay auction image

There was like 30 seconds left to bid on the group, and I was able to slide my bid in with about 5 seconds to go - and I won!

My patterns were delivered today and waiting for me when I got home.  I eagerly cut open the box and proceeded to unearth my newly acquired treasure!

I also had a chance to check out the other patterns included in the group, some of which offered style details I really love, and others I thought had real potential.

I love asymmetrical garments, and I am so digging the wrap top included in this pattern

Really cute peplum jacket with slight gathers

What a lovely "lady-like" ensemble; will require major pattern revisions due to its sizing

Classic pleated skirt

Cute full swing skirt on this dress; I would take out some of the excess fabric under the sleeves

Per the auction description, I was expecting 15 patterns.  I noticed, however, these 4 additional patterns included in the package.

One of the "bonus" patterns didn't have its envelope, so an online search yielded this image...


...and another included a wrap-style skirt - again, loving that asymmetry.

When I purchased this pattern grouping, I hoped Vogue 7630 had all of its pieces and instruction sheets and they were all in good condition.  So, it was time to inspect my new find.

The instruction sheet was included and from it I learned the dress consisted of 7 pieces, all of which I could account for except piece number 7.  When I checked the instruction sheet, I found the missing piece is for the drawstring.  No big deal...I can cut that piece without a pattern.

After taking inventory, I proceeded to fold all the pieces up and slide them within the folded pages of the instruction sheet so I could return them all to the envelope, when I saw...

...another pattern piece?  Could it be the drawstring?

YESSSSS!!  Vogue 7630 is complete!  And the best part...the absolutely best part - the entire group of patterns only cost me $8.49 - and that includes shipping!


Be blessed!



  1. Awesome pattern haul and looking forward to your vintage creation.

    1. There were some pleasant surprises in this grouping. Now, to figure out which fabric to choose from the stash...decision, decision. First-world problems, right?

  2. How wonderful for a great pattern haul. I love Shari's blog too. I have copied most of her fashions to my Pinterest page. She's definitely one of my sewing favorites.

    1. Mine, too. Thanks, Robin, for sharing...I really appreciate it!

  3. That is a FANTASTIC pattern haul you scored for sure with this one! The sky is the limit with this pattern haul and I'm sure your imagination will take you on a fabulous journey of possibilities! Have fun and Happy Sewing sis! Thank you for the shout out and reference to my blog! I truly appreciate you and I look forward to seeing more fabulousness here on your blog!
    Big Hugs

  4. A BIT CONGRATULATIONS AISHA! I know the thrill of find the pattern you crave and also the feeling when you can't find it. So glad it was a win for you!!!

  5. Woooo what a great pattern haul..... I am eargerly waiting for your lovely creations...

    1. Thank you, Aminat...I so appreciate your comment and encouragement...I'm looking forward to using them, too.

  6. Congratulations on your pattern haul! I had to laugh because at least one of those patterns I actually have in my pattern stash! That means some of the hundreds of patterns I have from there early 70's are probably now vintage! (Does that mean I'm vintage too! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‡☺️)

    1. Thanks, Myra...I know what you mean by the "vintage" label...I think I like the term "seasoned" in reference to self... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ