Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Vintage Pattern Hauls

Hello, my name is Aisha, and I am a patternholic.  I own well over 600 patterns, and yet my desire for more never seems to wane.  One reason is that I love having options available whenever the desire to sew strikes me.  It may be that I love everything about a pattern, or it may be a style detail contained within. Lately, I've been looking at vintage options, most likely inspired by creations I've seen come off the sewing tables of my favorite bloggers.  Whatever the case, I've been looking through Pinterest and eBay a lot lately and found some vintage styles which have fueled my pattern desire.

For example, I spotted and pinned an image of Vogue 7939 because I like the front drape of the bodice and off-center skirt opening.  This particular image originated from an Etsy posting where this pattern was being sold for $9.99.  Not a bad price, but I wasn't convinced I wanted to pay that, plus shipping, to own I pinned it and waited.

~ GOT IT ~ Vogue 7939:

About 5 or 6 years ago, I first saw Vogue 2595 while surfing online.  I love asymmetrical and wrap styling and fell IN LOVE with this Albert Nipon pattern.  Online searches for this pattern yielded prices ranging from $10.00 to $18.00.  I waited.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted both of these patterns within the same pattern lot on eBay.  Including shipping, this grouping only cost me $13.00.


This group of patterns was delivered Wednesday.

The two patterns I desired appear to be in good shape and complete.  Their sizes are off and will need adjusting to fit me, but that's not a big concern.  Very rarely am I able to make a garment straight from the cut pattern pieces without adjusting.

Other patterns included in the package that I like:

Vogue 1834 - love the front bodice and skirt drapes.

Vogue 7639 - I like the double peplum of the jacket, but I'm not a fan of the puffy sleeve caps.  Good thing they can be modified.

Vogue 2765 and 8412 - there is something about the design details and shape of both of these dresses I like.  I think these will be keepers.

Vogue 8542 and 7745 - this basic skirt is really cute, but it's so similar to other patterns in my stash that I'm not sure I'll keep it...still mulling it over.  Same for V-7745 - basic top which will require significant alterations due to the size.  Again, mulling over whether they're keepers.

Vogue 1897 and 2065 - while these two include design details I like, I am still weighing whether I want to keep them or relist.

And then, there are the duds...

Vogue 9534 and 8734 - both very basic, and 9534 is so matronly - I can't EVEN!!  No doubt, I'll be relisting both of these in hopes someone will find them appealing.

Another pattern I've had hopes of securing was Vogue 9803.  I found one available for $7.95 on eBay, but then...

...I spotted it in another pattern lot, being sold with 4 other patterns for $12.95 with free shipping.

These arrived today.  My husband brought the mail in the house and when I saw the package in his hand, he said something like, "Here, I know this is for you."  I grabbed the Priority Mail package from him and happily ran back to my Sewing Room to tear into it.

Anyway - the keepers...

Of course, Vogue 9803 - I am also a fan of double-breasted styling.

Vogue 7036 - another wrap-dress with long front drape.

Vogue 9789 - I love the classic design of this bias skirt, but it is almost exactly like another skirt pattern I picked up last year in another eBay auction, so I think I will relist this one.

...and the duds are Vogue 9255 and 8168, neither of which really do anything for me and will be relisted.

So, when I do the math, I paid $25.95, received 17 patterns, 8 of which I am definitely keeping at an average price of $3.24.  Not bad, and if I am able to sell the ones I'm not so excited about, then there's money coming back to me.  Win, Win!

Be blessed!



  1. Lovely patterns - Vintage Vogue on Ebay and Etsy is like a treasure hunt--enjoyable and profitable.

    1. Robin, I couldn't agree more about the treasure hunt's so exciting to find THAT pattern you've been desiring at a great price. I hope to experience the profitable part soon. Thanks for reading and sharing.