Sunday, November 13, 2016

BLC Day 14: Have You Met Christopher?

The internet can be a wonderful space to learn new techniques and encounter new people.  One such person is Christopher Nejman.  I recall searching for information and videos on leather handbag construction when I found this You Tube video...

I was so impressed by the beauty of these bags that I set out to learn more about their creator.

To say that Christopher is a multi-faceted artist feels like a gross understatement of his interests and abilities.

In addition to making beautiful handbags and totes, he is an author, professional photographer, teaches others how to sew and machine embroider, and is a Master Hair Designer, Colorist and Makeup Artist.

Christopher is also socially aware, especially when it relates to manufacturing in the USA.  He has been - for lack of a better word - preaching the importance of consumers intentionally looking for and purchasing goods made in the United States to ensure domestic prosperity and social responsibility, but also to ensure the product is of quality.  This was a lesson which was driven very close to home for him a few years ago.

I recall him posting videos on Facebook lamenting over his dog's sudden illness, and being convinced his longtime "buddy" was dying.  Being a pet-parent myself, my heart sank for Christopher and the pain he conveyed through his posts.  However, he later learned from his veterinarian that his dog was ill after consuming pet food which was made in China, with standards that fell far below those of domestic pet food companies.  Within a very short period, his dog was feeling much better and behaving much like his normal self.  After seeing Christopher's experience, I fervently read the labels on the pet food I purchase for my Max.

I've never had the privilege of meeting Christopher in person.  We've only had very brief chats between us, but he seems like a really nice guy and I am honored to count him among my many "friends".  Listed below are the links to his various online presences - the tip of the proverbial iceberg, I'm sure!  Check him out when you get a chance; you'll be glad you did.  Can you say "EYE CANDY"?

Be blessed!



  1. No, I've never met or heard of Christopher but his work is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for highlighting him!

  2. i love his work Aisha, Have you seen the beautifully handsome button ups that he sews

    1. Yes, I saw them on one of his sites...his work is meticulous. <3 <3 <3