Sunday, November 20, 2016

BLC Day 20: Sweater Knit Redux

When my kids were younger, our family spent many hours together in the Family Room watching TV, movies, eating, playing games...whatever!  Now that they're adults and out doing their own things, the room's most likely occupants are my husband and I, with napping being a frequent activity enjoyed by both of us.  Therefore, comfort is of paramount concern in this room, but also important to me is its visual appeal.

A few years ago, I saw Pinterest images of decorator sweater knit pillows and decided to try my hand at reproducing the look with thrift store sweaters, so I purchased several from my local Salvation Army a while back and made cases for the pillows located in the Family Room.

Using sweaters with varying and interesting knit patterns and design details, I cut the bodies to fit the pillows and sewed the cases on three sides.

I positioned the pillow case openings along the finished sweater bottoms and hand-stitched zippers in place so I could easily remove the cases for laundering.  Some of the sweaters included vent openings and button closures which I kept as a design detail on the pillows and simply hand-stitched closed.

These knit pillow cases has made sleeping more comfortable while adding visual appeal to the space, and I've started making patchwork knit throws to accompany them.  I am somewhat bothered by the wobbly appearance of the knit along the zipper, so I've identified some construction techniques I would use in making the throws to avoid stretching the knit.

I look forward to sharing the throws project soon.

Be blessed!


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