Wednesday, November 2, 2016

BLC Day 2: Blog Like Crazy Challenge

If you follow my blog, you already know... I'm an inconsistent blogger.  I really don't mean to be.  In fact, I've written in past posts how I don't like going long periods of time without publishing something and have vowed to be more consistent, only to find myself falling into familiar patterns. In reviewing my blog archive, I've realized that I didn't publish a single post in 2014.  How awful!!

What the what?!  Where's 2014?

When I reflect on the reasons why my blogging is so sporadic, the biggest factor for me is time - there never seems to be enough to fulfill all of the tasks for the many roles I play, so engaging in activities I enjoy doing (like sewing, crafting, and blogging) is often sacrificed.  And, if I'm not sewing, then what on earth would I blog about?  This reminds me of a quote I recently read...

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.  We all have twenty-four days."
~ Zig Ziglar ~

Yesterday, while catching up on reading my favorite blogs, I saw Faye's recent post where she decided to participate in the Blog Like Crazy challenge - for a second year!  The challenge is to commit to publishing a blog post each day throughout the month of November.  She took up this challenge last year, and amazed herself with how consistent she was in publishing.

After reading her post, and reflecting on Zig's words of wisdom, I thought "Why not?"  So, I've decided to accept the challenge this year and publish a daily post this month.  I can't guarantee each one will be sewing or craft related; they may only focus on a daily observation or thought, but I think this may help me improve my consistency.

We'll see how this goes...wish me luck!!

Be blessed!



  1. Ahhhh,so glad you took the challenge! I am sure you will accomplish your goal. I'm no expert, but would like to offer a tip. Last year and this I made an editorial calendar where I plan blog posts for the month. (I use a pencil so I can make changes as needed). It really helped me last year. Just a suggestion!

    1. Faye, thank you so much for the tip! I will absolutely put this in play!

  2. Oh my! You ladies are killing me! I am so much like you blog always suffers in time crunches! But lately, I've been enjoying the fact I've been a little more active with it! So I definitely understand when you're MIA for a bit, LOL! Good luck with the challenge, I'll be watching (and reading!)!

    1. Thank you, Myra - I truly appreciate the encouragement and support!