Friday, November 25, 2016

BLC Day 25: Fabric Water Repelling Challenge

About 3 years ago, I created a profile on, another social media site which focuses on fashion, beauty and home decor.  It allows users to view products that are available for purchase - primarily online - and create collages to see how different items look together.  For me, it had the feel of playing with virtual paper dolls.  I created one fashion collage which included this yellow trench coat.

In addition to the color, other details I liked included the shoulder epaulets, hook & eye closure on the collar, left front buttoned storm flap and slanted front vent pockets.  Unable to find yellow fabric appropriate for outerwear in any of my local fabric stores, I searched online and found a yellow poplin I thought could work.  When I received it, however, I questioned its suitability as outerwear because it was thinner than expected and did not possess any water repellent properties at all.

To give the fabric more heft and body, I bought yellow flannel to use as an underlining and zebra-print polyester silky for the lining.

In addition to giving more body to the fashion fabric, the flannel would also provide a barrier to the lining showing through the poplin.

I went on to purchase most of the notions to create my trench, including the buckles and Vogue 8884.

With the thinness issue addressed and notions on hand, I then turned my attention to figuring out the best way to waterproof the fabric.  One of my favorite TV programs (still!!) was Sew Perfect with Sandra Betzina, and I recalled an episode where she used iron-on vinyl so any fabric can be used to create outerwear.  I found some available at and thought about purchasing but I didn't like the idea of the coat feeling like a "rain slicker".  Plus, I thought it may be laborious to add the vinyl finish to each cut piece.

However, a recent online search led me to contemplate using a spray-on solution instead, so I purchased 2 bottles of Never Wet Fabric Water Repelling Treatment spray from my local Lowe's store.

The product details state the spray may "enrich light materials with a slightly darker tone."  I cut a swatch of the poplin to test the spray and finish it leaves on the fabric.

Regarding color, I think it looks slightly darker, but only slightly...certainly not enough to make me reconsider using the product.

I then tested the water repellent properties by spraying water on untreated and treated fabric.  As you can see from this image, the untreated fabric (top) soaks up water but the water beads up on treated fabric (bottom).

With both concerns with the poplin addressed, I can move forward with finally making this coat for Spring 2017.  Hopefully, I can tame my procrastination beast and actually "get 'er done!"

Be blessed!



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    1. Thanks, Faye. I've been smitten with this coat for 3 years, but I was stalled on the water repellent issue; I'm looking forward to finally making it.

  2. Hi Aisha! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. Thank you so much for such a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. I can't wait to see your yellow coat. Love the color and pattern. I made that coat last year and it is my favorite so far. I am just so excited to learn about the water repellant spray from Lowe's. That is such a great idea.

    1. Thank you, Anita, and I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!! I anticipate cutting into this project early 2017 and I'm looking forward to it's completion.