Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

I know it's been a minute (okay, 8 weeks) since last we "chatted".  Real-life responsibilities keep us all very busy and we have to make choices about how we spend our precious resource of time.  But please know that I've thought about you all and have been keeping up with and enjoying your various blog posts.

I hope the Christmas season was a merry and enjoyable one for you and your loved ones, and I trust 2016 is finding you doing well.  I so enjoyed sharing the season with my family, and as enjoyable as the time was for me, I am glad it has passed and am looking forward to packing up the decorations and the prospects of the coming year.

Among various others, one of the goals (not resolutions!) I've set for myself is to take my health and physical well-being seriously.  Although I've been flirting with it for the past few years, I was officially diagnosed with diabetes this year and one of the things that can greatly and positively impact this disease is consistent physical activity.  My problem is maintaining the consistency.  In fact, consistency seems to be a challenge in various parts of my life.

So, I gifted myself a treadmill this Christmas and plan to improve this part of my life.  Now, I don't have to endure that early-morning struggle to dress and drive to Planet Fitness just to get 30 minutes on the machine.  No excuses - right?!  With making positive strides in improving my physical well-being, I expect it will impact other areas as well - including my diet.  No more inappropriate mid-day snacks!

I also want to become more consistent with my blogging.  This is my space in the blogosphere, and I can write about anything that interests me, including sewing.  So, I plan to share more about what I'm doing and thinking.  I have lots of projects floating around in my thought process and look forward to seeing them in the natural.

So, I'll be talking with you again - really soon.

Be blessed!



  1. Congratulations on your new treadmill gift!! Consistency is the key and is hard for a lot of people (I speak from experience!). Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, that's never easy. I was diagnosed with heredity hypertension (high blood pressure) quite a few years ago. Because heart disease runs in my family too, I took that as a sign I really need to get serious about my life and made a few changes that made all the difference in the world. It was seriously hard, but I kept telling myself what the alternative would be! That did the trick and I've never gone back. Good Luck and I'm praying for a great 2016 for you!

    1. Myra, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to encourage me, and the reminder of WHY I need to do this. I must admit that I've been slothful this week about working out, but you so aptly state why it's important...what the alternative would be! Thanks again!!