Saturday, November 7, 2015

Patchwork Design Elements - IDK?

The fashion design influences of the 1970s have certainly been making its mark in the ateliers of current design houses.  Everything from wide-leg pants, a-line skirts, gauchos (aka culottes), maxi-dresses, ponchos, peasant-style, etc. can been seen on the runways and in clothing stores.

Stella MCartney, $1,220

Stella McCartney, $985
Frame Denim, $550

Dolce & Gabbana, $2,945
Etro, $1,880

This design influence certainly has not been lost in the blogosphere.  There are a number of fashion bloggers I follow who have embraced the '70s influence - even to the point of using actual vintage patterns from the period in their sewing.

Melanie Wise

Erica Bunker

And yet, another '70s design element I've been noticing is patchwork.  Those of you who watch "Empire" on Fox may recall Cookie Lyon wearing this Moschino patchwork denim jacket on the season 2 premier episode several weeks ago.  I am a member of several Facebook sewing community groups and another member recently posted pictures of her version of this jacket.

(By the way...this baby sells for $3,867 on Moschino's website.  Have I mentioned lately that I'm so glad I know how to sew?)

I've grown fond of this Calvin Klein silk mini and thought it could serve as inspiration for a DIY using knits which have seen better days.  I like how the patchwork panels are similarly hued, which makes the design element subtle and elegant.

Calvin Klein, $3,375

I've even warmed up to these patchwork garments which are much bolder than the CK dress.

Etro, $1,000

Etro, $3,210
This patchwork poncho, however, is a real stretch for me.  I don't know - it feels a little too busy.

Chloe, $3,225

And then, there is, in my opinion, the ridiculous!  $925?  Really?!  One trip to The Salvation Army, and you have everything you need to copy this skirt for 10 bucks - TOPS!

Junya Watanabe, $925

So, what do you think of this 1970s design detail in current fashions?  Do you plan to incorporate it in your fashion sewing?  Please share - I'd love to read your thoughts.

Be blessed!


P.S.  Special thanks to Melanie Wise and Erica Bunker for allowing me to use their images in this blog post.  They're both accomplished "sewists" so please go check out their work.


  1. Nice post Aisha! I can't believe sone of this prices! I agree, so happy I can sew!! I'm sure the 70!s inspiration will show up in my projects at some point, since it was when I was a young adult and in my prime, LOL!!

    1. You're still in there, Myra! LOL. My young adulthood was in the 80s, but I remember the '70s very well. They say if you wore a style in one era, you can't wear it again. I think I heard that from Sandra Betzina - love her, but I so don't agree. I think I'd like to include some '70s details in a project or two...we'll see.

  2. Hi Aisha, you are back in the blogosphere. I love these 70's clothes - I guess because I learnt to sew with these sorts of styles. Most are very able to be made at home, aren't they, for a fraction of the price. And yes, I agree, most of these styles could be worn again - they are classic. Some really freaky looks shouldn't be worn again, but most of these can. Subtle tweaks may need to be made of course. It depends on the style, really.

    1. Hi Sarah, I know it's been a while...trying to make more of an effort to be consistent with my posts. I couldn't agree more that classics can be worn irrespective of an era. It's all a matter of style.