Thursday, December 15, 2016

How Aisha is Getting Her Sewjo Back

I've worked for a large telecommunications company for many years now, and I've found it common for most organizations and industries to adopt and use shorthand verbiage when its members communicate among themselves.  This practice absolutely extends to the sewing community - especially the online varieties - with "sewjo" being a common term used by many members.  For those of you who are novices, allow me to cobble together a definition.

The term has its origins in the word "mojo", which is formally defined as "magic power", and more commonly defined as having sex appeal or talent.  When used in the context of sewing, the hybrid term of "sewjo" is coined and generally refers to the creative energy used in sewing successive sewing projects in relatively short periods of time.

Since completing my Blog Like Crazy challenge, I've been suffering from a very anemic "sewjo" for a variety of reasons, and despite having several active WIPs (works in progress) , I just don't feel energized to work on any of them.  Desperate to not fall back into comfortable habits which lead to a void in sewing and blogging, I recognize the need for a quick sewing energy booster.  Motivated by the dumping of about 10 inches of snow we received earlier this week, I've decided to make winter accessories fashioned from a thrift store sweater.

I initially purchased this sweater from The Salvation Army for the knit throw I made for my Family Room.  During my assessment, I took note of its chunky knit pattern...

...and fiber content...

...and concluded I'd prefer to use this sweater to make a knit hat, mitten and modified scarf instead.  For the hat and mittens, I'm using Butterick 6347.

I plan to free-style the scarf based on the sweater's existing design details.

So, I'll be working on this project over the next several days, and just in time, too - we're in the middle of an arctic blast this week with more snow coming this weekend.  I'll follow up with you soon.

Be blessed!


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