Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Nouveau Vivre" Knit Throw

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little corner of the internet.  After completing the Blog Like Crazy challenge in November, I took a couple of days to relax and think of the next project about which I wanted to write.  You may recall my sharing with you that I purchased several knit sweaters from The Salvation Army to make a knit throw to accompany the knit pillow cases in my Family Room.

I started constructing this project several months ago but paused on it because I was dissatisfied with how the stitches connecting each knit block appeared.

The cut block edges stretched during sewing and left each seam wobbly, as well as making each block larger than planned.

So, I cut apart the seams connecting each block, reshaped them according to my planned sized and interfaced the backs to retain and stabilize each.

I wanted to make certain the reshaped blocks would fit with those which had not yet been sewn, so I stacked the them separately and began reconstructing my throw again, following the pattern layout I created in Excel.

I used my serger to connect all of the knit blocks.  Because each block was stabilized with interfacing, the stitches came out much neater with minimal stretching.

After connecting all blocks, I laid the throw out on my cutting table so I could block its lining.

I used the fitted sheet which had worn out its usefulness as bedding to line the throw's underside.

Once I measured the sheet against the throw, I stitched both together around the perimeter, rounded off the corners and left an opening in the bottom to turn the throw to the right side.

After closing the open end, I pressed the throw and lining edges and stitched around the entire perimeter to hold both layers in place.

I am quite pleased with the final product.  It looks very much as I had envisioned and partners quite well with the knit pillow cases.

I know I will have to make another version, as my husband THINKS this one belongs to him.  I don't think so, buddy!

Be blessed!