Monday, October 10, 2016

Maxi (-mizing) a Colorful Print

Like many sewing enthusiasts, I possess a fabric stash.  Perhaps not as large or impressive as some, but a stash nonetheless.  And like many, I keep telling myself to stop buying more fabric and use what I already have.  I don't always listen, but lately I've been focusing on using fabric I already have on hand.

One such fabric is this print I received from my mother's fabric stash.  It was 44-inches wide and about 2-1/2 yards, and I determined it was a polyester-blend based on the results of a burn test I did on a few threads I pulled from a cut end.

This abstract print's colors are so beautiful and vibrant, and the print design had a retro vibe to me, which makes sense given its original purchase date was probably in the seventies.  I've thought many times about what I'd like to make with it, and often thought about a tunic of some sort.  But, I really wanted to preserve as much of the fabric design as possible.

I remember wearing maxis as a kid in the '70s, so when it was reintroduced as a trend in the past several years, I wasn't one to jump right on it.  Maybe a little bit of "been there - done that".  Also, some of the skirts I've seen in retail stores didn't look like they were made with quality fabric and/or construction.

But, then my husband received a wedding invitation from one of his co-workers.  The wedding was held at a municipal park in June and maxi skirts were suggested as appropriate attire for attending guests. So, I thought "Why not?"

First, I wanted a wider waistband so I determined the waistband length and width I wanted and cut a length of fabric from the available yardage.  I used the remaining length for the skirt's front and back, gathered the skirt top and attached to my waistband.

I added side seam pockets on each side...

...inserted a center back zipper and skirt hooks/eyes on the waistband.

I also included side seam slits on each seam to give more walking ease.

From beginning to end, I think it took about 3-4 hours to complete this skirt.

Front view
Back view

Side view

Side seam walking slit

I wore it with a white camisole, crocheted knit top and straw hat.  (No, I don't have a!)  I loved the ease of wearing this skirt and that it can be dressed up or down.  Also, despite the fact that it was made with a very basic and popular design, the uniqueness of this fabrics means no one else will show up wearing this maxi...and isn't that one of the reasons why we sew!

Be blessed!


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