Saturday, October 1, 2011

Party (dress) Animal Update 2

So, last night, I finally get the skirt hem all gathered and attached to the lining, sewed the shimmer velvet ribbon to the the bodice and skirt, and attached the skirt lining to the skirt top.  All that was left was to attach the zipper, tack down the lining and pinch the skirt to the lining.

Ah, but then, a snafu - I had to make an adjustment on one of the skirt panels, which meant I had to ease the seam in that area.  As a result, the invisible zipper would no longer fit evenly in the opening.  So, I went to bed to got a good night's sleep and got up this morning to get another zipper at JoAnn's.

Here's what the dress looks like so far.  The zipper still has to be sewn in, bodice lining attached to the skirt lining and zipper tape, the skirt pinched to create the "poufs" and a good pressing to remove wrinkles.  But, the dress will be ready before the dance starts tonight.

I'll publish a post later today with the finished look.  Thanks for checking out my progress, and please let me know what you think - I look forward to your comments and feedback!

Be blessed!!


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