Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Official... favorite new pattern is Vogue 1296!  I simply love this top's pleated collar and the skirt's godet.




Hey, do you remember when I wrote about the "Dare to Flare" article in January Vouge magazine?  I just realized this top includes that peplum design which is supposed to be hot this spring.  Even more reason to love this pattern!!

(Side note - my daughter has a theory on why peplums are coming back; girls realized that being "skinny" is over-rated and started eating again, but then realized they got a little extra cushion around the middle.  So, the peplum covers up the muffin-top!  Hmm...interesting theory.)   


Line Art

Excuse me, but, ummm... I have to go to.  Gotta confirm when JoAnn is having their next $3.99 Vogue pattern sale.

Be blessed!!


P.S.  Oh noooooo!!  The Vogue sale ends tomorrow!!!  So much for that 15-hour hibernation I had planned for Saturday.

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  1. This top is definatly a one of a kind. This was my one of my faves in thier spring collection.