Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Breakfast with Omar, Donna and Jen

In May 2013, I shared with you all my "discovery" of InStyle magazine the prior year, and my appreciate for its goal of covering fashion.  I've since subscribed to the magazine but I find my normal "life" schedule doesn't always afford the opportunity to sit down and flip through each issue - whether by paper or digital.  As a result, I sometimes have to "catch up" on multiple back issues.  This was the case when February arrived last week and I realized I had not yet looked at December and January.

So, this morning while eating my Honey Nut Cheerios (nod to Omar Little), I caught up on all three, marking those pages I wanted to keep for inspiration.

Jennifer Aniston graced the cover of the February issue, and of course there was the obligatory multi-paged interview/fashion shoot combo when one of the outfits she was wearing immediately caught my attention.

I recognized it right away as being Look #5 from Donna Karan's Spring 2015 RTW collection.  I have to admit I'm warming up to this look after seeing Jennifer wear it.

I sure this look could be replicated pretty easily by combining patterns, but I wonder if there's any chance Donna will release the design to Vogue patterns next year.  What do you think?

Be blessed!



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    1. Hi Sassy...I agree with you. She takes this dress from runway to real world quite well!