Saturday, May 26, 2012

JoAnn Pattern Sale - Simplicity

Hello All,

I'm almost finished with Miss Vickie's MOB outfit and will post final pictures (hopefully of her wearing it) sometime tomorrow.  My daughter and I went fabric shopping for the dress she'll be wearing to her boyfriend's prom Tuesday - I'll post those pictures tomorrow, too.

This was Day 1 of the Simplicity "5 for $5" pattern sale at JoAnn, so I prepared my shopping list last week in anticipation.  Remember - I LOOOOOVE a pattern sale!!  Simplicity patterns will be on sale until May 28th.  Until tomorrow...

Be blessed!!


I love the View B rug - I think it would be perfect
for Max!

This dress is much more sophisticated than the
Jessica McClintock designs I recall from "back in the day". 

I love the front of this dress and am trying to figure out
how to take the bodice design detail down to the skirt.

I simply love this lace-overlay dress.  It reminds me of the styles
worn by the blonde love-interests in any 1950s Hitchcock flick.


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    1. Thanks, Faye...I'm looking foward to sewing for myself soon - after prom season is over, of course. ;-)