Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Fix-Up

While out shopping with my family today, I bought this dress for my daughter.  We discovered about 2 years ago that she loves the black-white-pink color combination, so she was bound and determined to not fall into her color comfort zone again.  I tell her "Why fight it?  They're your signature colors - go with it!!"  We spotted this dress at Sears (yes...Sears!) and she tried hard to not love it, but it was useless.

dress front

dress back

I love the pink details, especially the exposed zipper.  We saw a dress earlier in the day at Burlington with an exposed zipper, but I thought the workmanship was extremely poor.  Not this one.  This zipper is bound with fabric bias before being sewn on the dress.

exposed zipper design detail

But, while in the fitting room, I noticed a small section of the zipper was detached from the dress.

detached zipper

The dress's full retail price was $90.00 (I would NEVER spend that much on it) but was on sale for $36.00.

full retail price

The sales associate agreed to take $10.00 off, so I scooped this baby up for $26.00 - plus tax, of course.

my final price

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being able to sew?!

Be blessed, and have a very Happy Easter!!



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    1. Thanks, Faye...I think it took all of 5 minutes to fix the zipper, and most of that time was trying to match the thread color. ;-)