Saturday, April 27, 2013

Setbacks Make Me Wanna Holla!!

I shared with you that I spotted this Michael Kors dress in the Bloomingdale's window display in Chicago recently and really want to make my version of it.  On a whim, I dropped by Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak last Saturday to see if they had a wool crepe that would work for my "Kors" dress.  I didn't find a wool crepe, but there was a Tencel/Spandex fabric with a crepe texture that I felt would work well for my dress.  The color was not quite the "daffodil" I wanted; in fact, I'd describe it as "bile yellow" because it has a greenish undertone to it.  But, I bought 2 yards anyway because I thought I could work with it.

Today - again, on a whim - I stopped by my local Michael's store to pick up some Rit Fabric Dye so I could get closer to my desired color, as well as the chain embellishment for the dress front.

My plan - wash the fabric to remove any finish from its surface and then proceed to dye it.  However, while examining the fabric - and, of course, after serging the cut ends - I notice a stain that resembled mildew marks, as well as what appears to be a dried liquid stain.  OMG!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

The stain did not come out after washing.  I think it's safe to assume I'll be making a return trip to Haberman to seek a refund.  Very disappointed right now!

Be blessed!



  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear of this disappointment. It's hard when you havew your heart set on something.

  2. I am so sorry! That truly is disappointing! I hope you do get a full refund and please don' discouraged, I want to see you complete that gorgeous Michael Kors dress!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is so shocking. It's good that you posted this as an example to your viewers.

  4. Thank you Sarah, Myra and Dorothy...I really appreciate the sewing support.