Friday, May 27, 2011

Fitting Issues

So, I noted yesterday that I only had to make slight adjustments in the waist and hip area of the dress.  I completely forgot the one fitting issue I consistently encounter when making a garment for my daughter, and that's her narrow back.

I remember when I made this dress for her 8th grade promotion, I thought I made some gross error in cutting because there was SO much excess fabric in the back bodice.  To adjust, I added back bodice darts.

But, when I encountered the same problem with the prom dress, I knew it was her and not me.

I tried the Frou Frou Party Dress bodice on her earlier today, and the front fit great, but the back was seriously hanging.  Look at the back seam allowances - I had to take in a total of 6 additional inches so the back can fit properly.

Well, the work continues...I'll check back in later.

Be blessed!!


P.S.  I told you that Max has been hanging out in my Sewing Room, and literally underfoot.  Here he is, lying right under my chair.  I have to watch out for paws, ears and tail before I can roll anywhere.  Oh yeah, and he snores, too!!

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