Thursday, May 26, 2011

Party Dress Update

I mentioned in my last post that I'm making a dress for my daughter to wear to her best friend's Sweet Sixteen party.  We went to the fabric store last Saturday, and I've been making adjustments to the individual pattern pieces.  Today, I am finally able to cut out the pieces from the fashion fabric and actually construct the dress.

I only had to make a slight adjustment in the waist and hip area, but I really, really dislike cutting apart and mangling my pattern pieces.  So, I've adopted the practice of marking the orginal pattern piece on blank newsprint paper and marking the needed adjustments on the copied pattern piece.  I like using the newsprint paper because it is soft enough to serve as a pattern piece, but is more durable than the tissue pieces from the actual pattern.

I bought this box of paper from U-Haul back in 2009 to pack my mother's personal belongings after her passing, and I still have quite a bit left so I'm putting it to fun use.  I know this paper is also available at storage facility companies, like Public Storage.

The dress's bodice and overskirt will be cut from crepe-back satin, and the pinched skirt from a sparkle organza.  Both fabrics, as well as the lining, are polyester so the dress will be easy-care... not that I expect she'll ever wear it again!!

I'll update with the dress's progress.  By the way, here's Max, my American Bulldog.  He's been hanging out in my Sewing Room lately, very much underfoot.  I guess he doesn't "recongnize" himself, because he started growling at this picture when he saw it on my computer monitor - too funny!!

He is so beautiful...oops, I mean HANDSOME!!!

 Be blessed!!


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